A Shoulder Injury from an Auto Accident is Common

A shoulder injury is generally caused by the jerk actions in an auto accident and is often aggravated by the seat belt shoulder straps. A shoulder injury can also be linked to neck injuries. Understanding how a shoulder injury happen, and what they feel like can help you to recognize them fast to get treatment and prevent additional pain or problems.

Causes of a Shoulder Injury

In an auto accident a shoulder injury is usually caused in one or more of three ways. The first is as a direct result of neck injuries. Neck injuries can radiate pain down any portion of the arm owing to nerves being injured. The neck injury causes pain and problems in the shoulder.

The second cause is direct harm to the shoulder due to impact and shock from the auto accident. This shoulder injury causes instant pain and is easy to recognize.

The third cause is from a whiplash type injury. Whiplash is typically linked to the neck; however it can be the reason for pain in the shoulder, too. It is important to note a whiplash may not cause pain immediately after the auto accident, but can build up in due course.

Possible Treatments
Shoulder injury diagnoses are usually found through thorough examination, an x-ray and sometimes by an MRI. A shoulder injury may not seem severe at the time so you may think it just needs rest and pain medication. This may help initially but for proper healing, chiropractic care is advised. When chiropractic care is gotten quickly, many problems that develop over time without care are avoided. A chiropractor can also tell you when your shoulder injury is more severe, requiring surgery or extensive therapy.

The sooner chiropractic treatment is sought for your shoulder injury, the better for your immediate and long-term health. Diagnosis of a shoulder injury with early chiropractic treatment can help to make sure your shoulder problem is properly cared for preventing any additional damage from happening. In an auto accident make sure your chiropractic care is documented for your case records.

What to do after an Auto Accident
Because a shoulder injury may not develop alarming symptoms immediately it is a good idea to have a complete check up following the auto accident. Make an appointment immediately to see your chiropractor as when you do not get accident attention documented you may have trouble getting insurance to cover your bills or to recover compensation later on when your symptoms do appear.

Document everything about your auto accident so if a shoulder injury shows up later it will be linked to the auto accident and covered by your insurance. When you are injured in an auto accident you do not need more stress.

A shoulder injury from an auto accident may not seem severe at the time, but they are severe enough to make you miss work and to rack up costly medical bills for treatments that may or may not get to the cause of your shoulder pain. Be sure to go to your chiropractor as soon as possible for the greatest chance of short and long term relief.

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