Chiropractic Treatment and Tips to Help After Seat Belt and Airbag Injury

Seat belts and airbags can be very effective in preventing some of the more serious airbag injuries in a car accident, like going through the windshield and being run over by your own car. Together, these safety devices can create tremendous physical problems themselves, according to your experienced chiropractor. After a car accident you may have all kinds of injuries to deal with and your seat belt injuries may not even be immediately obvious. There are key symptoms to watch for, following a car accident that can indicate serious injuries from your seat belt and/or your airbag.

These Tips can help after Seat Belt and Airbag Injury

Here are some tips to help your seat belt and airbag injury:

1. When you are in tremendous pain, trust your own body. If certain things do hurt, stop doing them. If your body hurts to lie on your side, try lying on your back and vice versa. Trust your injured body’s instincts.

2. Avoid using your muscles you injured during the early period after your accident, when you still have sharp pain. Once your shoulder pain dulls, in about two to four weeks, you can begin to restore your muscles gradually. If something hurts with sharp pain, stay away from it. If it just feels a little inflexible, try it for a split second but do not overdo it!

3. Do not carry things of any weight, as this will aggravate your shoulder injury. Let others around you lend a hand. It is not even always the added weight. Sometimes it is the odd positions of holding things that can exacerbate your shoulder pain.

4. Do not sneeze! Do whatever it takes to avoid sneezing, as it is as rough as being handled violently when you are injured, and can set you back for days and weeks or cause new injuries. Plug your nose or do something to stop it every time you feel a sneeze coming on!

5. Be patient with yourself realizing your body is working to heal itself. The more you relax, the faster your injury healing route will be. It is hard on you when you are injured, but understanding these things can help you be patient and do what needs to be done so you can recover more quickly.

Chiropractic Treatment Tips after Seat Belt and Airbag Injury

The chiropractic treatment of your shoulder pain depends entirely on the cause of your problem. Therefore, it is important for your chiropractor to accurate diagnose your airbag injury problem before your chiropractic treatment can start. If you are unsure of your diagnosis, or the severity of your shoulder pain condition, you should seek advice before beginning any shoulder pain self-treatment. Not all shoulder pain treatments listed here are appropriate for every shoulder pain condition, but may be helpful in your shoulder pain situation. Just remember, resting and taking painkillers only, is not a chiropractic treatment that is likely to help your shoulder pain in the long term. But may well be part of what you need to do when your chiropractic treatment starts.

Chiropractic Treatment Tips can help after Airbag Injury

The first chiropractic treatment for many common shoulder pain conditions that cause shoulder pain is to rest your shoulder pain joint, and allow the acute inflammation to subside. It is important, however, to use caution when resting your shoulder pain joint, because prolonged immobilization can cause a frozen shoulder.

Ice packs and heat pads are among the most commonly used chiropractic treatment for your shoulder pain. A rule of thumb is to use ice first and when in doubt of what to do. Heat may sound like a good idea but used too soon can make your injury much worse. Ask your chiropractor first before using heat.

Stretching your muscles and tendons that surround your shoulder pain joints can help with some causes of your shoulder pain. A good shoulder pain routine should be established, and following some specific suggestions will help you on your way.

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