Auto Accidents at any speed are dangerous.

Individuals involved in any auto accident collision over five miles per hour should be seen by a certified auto accident injury specialist. Driver or passenger, young or old, each person in the vehicle should have a professional exam from our certified team of experts.

Research shows that auto accidents over 5 mph (practically guaranteed when over 8 mph) can result in soft tissue injuries. This may sound far too slow to cause personal injury, but the fact is your body isn’t built to sustain this sort of impact.. Shear forces, such as a 3,000 lb. vehicle suddenly pushing you in a different direction, can cause injury even at low speeds. Soft tissue injuries may show signs and symptoms right away, but even if you aren’t experiencing pain right after an auto accident, symptoms can be less noticeable until sometime later.

Soft tissue injuries such as ‘whiplash’ may not hurt or cause noticeable symptoms for months or even years. By the time these symptoms show up, scar tissue can set in, leading to chronic or long term problems.

Auto Accident Injuries and Auto Insurance

If you pay for auto insurance, it doesn’t cost to get checked by a specialist. So what is stopping you from getting the proper exam following an accident? If the auto accident injury specialist doctor finds nothing, that is great for you! You will have a ‘clean bill of health’ related to the accident. If injuries are documented, you at least have a record and can treat them properly to avoid any future problems.

Who pays for exam and x-rays after an auto accident injury in Utah?

Auto Insurance covers 100% the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, every legally insured driver in Utah has a minimum of $3000 (PIP – ‘personal injury protection’) insurance to use for the emergency room, exams, x-rays, chiropractic, physical therapy and/or massage.

The Best Auto Accident Injury Specialist Insurance Advice

PIP insurance is the most affordable medical insurance in America. It’s true! For just a few dollars per month, maybe $50 per year, you can increase your PIP insurance to $25,000 or even $100,000. This will cover every person in your vehicle. It is well worth it since the highest number of trauma-induced injuries come from auto accidents.

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