How Seat Belts Cause Injury that a Chiropractor Can Help With

In a recent three year study of traffic injury accidents, injuries of the chest were linked to the use of seat belts. The incidence of soft tissue injuries was increased and noted. Generally the incidence of broken ribs in front seat riders was not affected by the wearing of belts but the incidence of those with four or more broken ribs was considerably reduced by wearing belts, which is the good news. The tough part is when the injured suffers soft tissue damage after their injury accident

It is probable an injured person will experience chest pain after an injury accident which may even feel like you cannot breathe. This can be caused by the diagonal seat belt worn during the injury accident doing its job. Far better to deal with subsequent chest pain, than to be ejected through the windshield so always wear your seat belt while driving or riding in a car. Also do not talk about your seat belt pains at an injury accident scene.

Why do Seat belts Cause Chest Pain?

Seat belts can cause chest pain because they restrain the body in the seat instead of bouncing around inside the vehicle of being ejected during an injury accident. When a motor vehicle is hit or hits a solid object in an injury accident, the seat belt is designed to lock up to protect the wearer. This is exactly how a seat belt is designed to behave and is therefore not considered to be an indication of a malfunction.

When the seat belt locks up, it may cause extreme pressure or strain on the wearer’s chest. This causes discomfort, bruising, various types of pain and other damage or injuries that can affect the skin. Basically, when a seat belt locks up, the body is pushed against the seat belt itself, which is not very wide or cushioned, and most likely will cause injury.

Why Are Seatbelts Worn If They Cause Injury

Wearing seat belts is required by law in most parts of the country. This is despite the aforementioned fact that they could cause injury because the injury they cause is minor in comparison to the devastating injuries resulting when someone is not wearing a seat belt in an accident.

Getting Chiropractic Help

So you know it is safer to be wearing a seatbelt than not wearing one in a motor vehicle accident and you know the odds are very good you will be injured by your seatbelt if you are in an accident. So what is the best thing you can do after the fact? Time has shown chiropractic care works amazing results around this specific type of injury. Patients can feel pain in inhaling and exhaling due to their seat belt injuries. This can go on for years untreated. Chiropractic treatments can get your body back in alignment fairly quickly after an accident. The sooner you get started on chiropractic care the sooner you will get relief from your seat belt injuries.

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