Shoulder Accidents at Work

“After working construction for 5 years I developed some serious shoulder pain. Dr. Shetlin said it was due to doing the same type of movements over and over every work day, which were lifting equipment and tools all day long every day. It is considered an accident at workplace.

Then I slipped off a ladder one day, catching myself in my armpit on a ladder rung and my right shoulder, ribs and other things have not been the same since. This was obviously an accident at workplace. My chiropractic doctor has been working on me for a few weeks and I have had a lot of improvement, like I am back to work on light duty. This is going to take awhile to really get better, but I am already back to work and happy about that!”

My Shoulder Accidents in Construction and Chiropractic

Shoulder pain is a very common accident at workplace complaint, and there are many causes of this problem. There are common accidents in construction conditions that chiropractic services can help. Call Dr. Shetlin about your accidents in construction shoulder pain.

Like any other accidents in construction pain condition, the faster you get correct chiropractic services the more rapidly your pain will leave allowing you to get back to your regular activities, and the faster you get proper chiropractic services the less likely you are to get recurring and persistent problems.

When you are uncertain of the specific cause of your accidents in construction shoulder pain, and when you do not recognize the particular treatment recommendation for your circumstances, you ought to search for chiropractic services. Management of your condition has to be aimed at the particular causes of your shoulder accidents problem to be effective.

Shoulder Injury Symptoms

Some signs that you should be seen by a Chiropractor are you experienced shoulder accidents, shoulder pain that persists beyond a few days, inability to raise the arm, inability to carry objects or use the arm, signs of an infection, including fever, redness, warmth, injury that causes deformity of the joint, shoulder pain that occurs at night or while resting, swelling or significant bruising around the joint or arm, any other unusual symptoms and or referred pain from internal organs.

When you have shoulder pain but have not had shoulder accidents, it could be from something you might not think about. Fortunately, if you have any of those pains Dr. Shetlin has training to provide you with a medical diagnosis. A priority in examination is to make sure no really severe medical conditions exist before treatments are started. For more helpful information on your condition and to see how chiropractic can help, call and make an appointment to see Dr. Shetlin.

Drugs can only mask shoulder pain or shoulder and neck pain; and do not heal your shoulder pain; in addition, even drugs like Tylenol and aspirin, when taken over a period of time, can cause damage to your kidneys, liver, and stomach lining. Masking the shoulder pain or shoulder and neck pain and even keep you from therapeutic treatments of the true source of your shoulder pain, which is what chiropractic care will do for you.

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